Joanna Spassova-Dikova
Institute of Art Studies
(Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Abstract: The paper looks at different ways of performing live miracles and magic on the stage from ancient times to the present days with the development of new technologies when all magical beings could be presented on stage. The main point is that there is nothing surprising in miracles, and there is nothing magical in magic (Littlewood’s law). In the magic bowl, only innate and acquired skills, knowledge, dexterity, abilities, talents have to blend in with a lot of hard work, perseverance, effort, sustainability, faith and a bit of luck to get in the right place and at the right time. Magic art creates a new virtual reality in which the impossible becomes possible before the eyes of the spectator. Dreams materialise. In the new digital era this is no longer a big problem. However, when it comes to live performance arts, the problem of creating illusions or virtual realities is essential. The study analyses issues related to life and non-life, here and beyond, to the vertical link and the metaphysics of human presence in art in the process of interpersonal communication.

Keywords: Miracle, Magic, Illusion, Littlewood’s Law, Performance Arts, Theatre, Performance, Magic Art