Nadia Danova, Institut d’Études balkaniques & Centre de Thracologie


Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2017 N 1

Abstract: This article presents in brief several rather unusual sources of Balkan social history, placing them into macro-historic context. It refers to three Greek itineraries produced for the needs of itinerant traders, which contain records that could contribute to our better understanding of Balkan national identities formation at the end of 18th and the beginning of 19th century. On the micro level of history these itineraries give us direct information, but viewed from the perspective of macrohistory they become really interesting. The first one of them is a MS written during 1769 and 1773, now at the Elenka and Cyril Avramovi Library Club, Svishtov, Bulgaria. It follows the route Trieste – Brasov via Graz and Vienna. The other two itineraries are printed publications from 1824 and 1829. All these three itineraries together eventually mirror the formation of national identities, the national programs in the Balkans at the time, and all those changes of mentalities that occur during the period.

Keywords: Itineraries, Mentalities, Identities, Greece, Bulgaria