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Alain Vuillemin

A Singular Work

Abstract: Lubomir Guentchev’s work holds a special place in Bulgarian literature and in 20th century French-speaking European literature. This author was born on November 26, 1907 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. He died on August 28, 1981 in Plovdiv. He has always lived in Bulgaria. He has never been to France. Yet he left a work written in a remarkable French language. He also wrote in Bulgarian. In total, in several stages, a collection of seventy-six manuscripts, left in French and Bulgarian by Lubomir Guentchev, was found between 1999 and 2005, whose proofing was completed in 2020. Ten volumes of his Écrits inédits (« Unpublished Writings ») have been published in France since 2003. How does this unique work appear? How were these manuscripts analyzed? What finds have been made? What about the translations, poetic creations and lyrical dramas those constitute the material?

Keywords: Bulgaria, Francophonie, Poetry, Lyrical Dramas, Translations, 20th Century

Alain Vuillemin

Université « Paris-Est »
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