& Abstracts

Luigi Vittorio Ferraris

My Diplomatic Experience in Sofia during the 60s

Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2016 N 4

Abstract: Luigi Vittorio Ferraris shares impressions of Sofia and People’s Republic of Bulgaria acquired during his diplomatic mission in 1959-1962 as an Advisor at the Italian embassy in Sofia. He focuses on the daily life of the diplomatic person, the meetings and contacts with Bulgarian intellectuals and Italian students, gives assessments of the mass organizations of students, athletes and others. His estimates of economic relations between Italy and Bulgaria, the economic and political situation of the country, as well as the country’s foreign contacts, are discussed in the context of Bulgaria’s Balkan policy. The author’s diplomatic experience is supported by data from reports of Robero Gaja, Minister Plenipotentiary in Sofia (1958-1963), as well as data from other documents stored in the author’s personal archive and the Historical Archive of the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Keywords: Diplomatic Life, Socialist Economy, Maoist Influence, Elections, Mass Organizations