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Etudes balkaniques is a quarterly peer-review journal, which has been publishing research since 1964. Research papers related to the Balkan countries in French, English, German, Russian and Italian have appeared in it, thus making them available to a wide scientific community across borders.

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Heinz Duchhardt, Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz


Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2017 N 1

Abstract: The future of the Ottoman Empire was never officially dealt with by the representatives of the Great Powers assembled in Vienna 1814/15 although its problems – uprisings in Serbia and Greece, a deep dissatisfaction with the rule, political practices and the treatment of orthodox religion – in vast parts of the Balkans was obvious. The Sublime Porte was only represented by a diplomat of very low rank in Vienna, but the ministers and princes had no problems of getting information about things developing there: by Greek members of the Russian delegation, by the correspondence of the Secretary of the Congress, Friedrich Gentz, and the Hospodar of Valachia, by a Serbian delegation, by the reports of the respective diplomats in Constantinople, by the press and by pamphlets. The Viennese delegations discussed in more or less private circles quite a number of the Ottoman Empire’s problems, but in the end the attempts of Austria and Britain to convince the Sublime Port to ask for a formal guarantee of its sovereignty and inviolability by the European Powers led to nothing and would, certainly, have been thwarted by the Russians.

Keywords: GOttoman Empire, Great Powers, Congress of Vienna, Balkans


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