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Études balkaniques

Etudes balkaniques is a quarterly peer-review journal, which has been publishing research since 1964. Research papers related to the Balkan countries in French, English, German, Russian and Italian have appeared in it, thus making them available to a wide scientific community across borders.

Special Editions of Études balkaniques

Actual Review

Published online: 25 Sept 2020


Roumiana Il. PRESHLENOVA, Introduction

Ventsislav MUCHINOV, “Our Village Was Proclaimed a Town”: Granting of Urban Status to Major Settlements in Stara Planina Region in the Third Quarter of the 19th Century

Valentina VASEVA, Funeral and Commemoration Ceremonies for the Sovereign Families in Bulgarian Cities after the Liberation

Lina GERGOVA, Yana GERGOVA, The Town Holiday: Rituals, Images and Contexts

Krustyo YORDANOV, Orthodox Christians with Special Obligations in the Balkan Town. Urban Voynuks and Falconers in the 16th Century

Paulina ANDONOVA, The Role of Sofu Mehmed Paşa’s Complex in the Urbanization and Establishment of Sofia as an Administrative Centre in Rumeli

Georgeta NAZARSKA, Women Honorary Citizens in the Social Space of Sofia (First Half of the 20th Century)

Svetlozar ELDAROV, The Mountain and the City. Sofia in the Development of Bulgarian Mountaineering (1895 – 1912)

Mihail SIMOV, Sofia – Mobility, Automobilization, and Living Environment in the 1960s and 1970s

Maria LEVKOVA-MUCHINOVA, The Bulgarian Economic Elite in Plovdiv in the 19th Century (Social and Property Profile of a Plovdiv Family)

Georgi DIKIN, Jewish Education in Plovdiv during the 1920s (Based on the Records of the Plovdiv Jewish School Board)

Zlatina BOGDANOVA, ‘Europe’ and the ‘Balkans’ – Images and Narratives in the Cultural Strategy of “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019”

Elmira VASSILEVA, Protestants in a Balkan Town: the Activities of the American Missionaries among the Bulgarians in Bitola (19th – Early 20th Century)

Bisser PETROV, The Anti-Urbanism оf Serbian Collaborators in the Second World War

Antoaneta BALCHEVA, Zagreb in Bulgarian Literature during the First Half of the Twentieth Century


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