Issue: 2018 N 1

Issue: 2018 N 1


Ethem ÇEKU, History Textbooks as a Source of Serbo-Albanian Conflict. Albanian Point of View

Kalina PEEVA, Old Foes New Friends: Bulgarians and Turks at Dobrudja Front (1916-1917)

Zorka PARVANOVA, Greece’s Cretan Motive оn the Road to а Balkan Alliance аnd War (1908-1912)

Konstantin GOLEV, On the Edge of “Another World”: The Balkans and Crimea as Contact Zones Between the Cuman-Qïpchaqs and the Outside World

Thomas THOMOV, Sоmething More about Two Proto Authographs in Hagia Sophia, Constantinople

Comptes rendus

Nadia DANOVA, Entre deux époques (Николай Аретов. Софроний Врачански. Живот и дело. София, Издателство Кралица Маб, 2017, 183 c.)

Petya YANEVA, A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts (Dorothei Getov, A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts at the Ecclesiastical Historical and Archival Institute of the Patriarchate of Bulgaria. Vol. I, 2014 & Vol. II, 2017, Brepols Publishers u.v., Turnhout, Belgium)

Notices bibliographiques

Stefan Rohdewald, Götter der NationenReligiöse Erinnerungsfiguren in Serbien, Bulgarien und Makedonien bis 1944. Visuelle Geschichtskulturen 14. Cologne/Vienna/Weimar, Böhlau, 2014. 905 pp. (Pieter TROCH)

Vie scientifique

Scientific conference on the Urban Economy in the Bulgarian Lands through the Ages (Boriana ANTONOVA)

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