Issue: 2020 N 2

Issue: 2020 N 2

Published online: 24 Jun 2020


Roumiana Il. PRESHLENOVA, Introduction: From the Balkan City to the City in the Balkans: Transformations at the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century

Dobrinka PARUSHEVA, Modern City in the Balkans: Directions and Perspectives of Research

Andreas LYBERATOS, The Sounds of Modernity: Exploring the Balkan Capitals’ Soundscape (Late 19th – Early 20th C.)

Violeta MANOLOVA, Development of Sericulture in Byzantine Cities 11th – 13th Century

Nikolay ARETOV, Dreaming Constantinople: An Alternative Version of Petko Todorov and Nikolay Raynov

Alexandre KOSTOV, New Technologies and the Cities in the Balkans: Gas Lighting in Ottoman Constantinople until the First World War

Kalina PEEVA, A Strategy of a Beautification, or How ‘the Decadent Istanbul’ Turned into the ‘Pearl of Turkey’

Margarita SERAFIMOVA, Istanbul and Cultural Memory

Stefan DIMITROV, Mastering of the Space in the Hinterland of the Town of Edirne: Continuity and Changes (14th-16th C.)

Zorka PARVANOVA, Bulgarians in the Urban Political Life of European Turkey in the Immediate Aftermath of the Young Turk Coup

Maria MARKOVA, The Bulgarians in the Western Thracian Cities during 1913-1919

Yura KONSTANTINOVA, “The Bulgarian Salonica”

Malamir SPASOV, On the Past, Memory, Recollections and History of the Bulgarians in “Simvasilevusa”

Fotiny CHRISTAKOUDY–KONSTANTINIDOU, Urban Space in the Greek Poetry of the 1920s (Based on Examples from Caesar Emmanouil’s Works)

Joanna Minkova SPASSOVA-DIKOVA, The Theatre and the City on the Way of Europeanization and Modernization of Bulgarian Culture

Alexandra MILANOVA, Opera and Modernization: The Case of Bulgaria

Valeria FOL, Backstage Theater

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