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Ana-Maria Cătănuş

Ana-Maria Cătănuş, National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism, Romanian Academy “LIVING IN TRUTH”. NARRATIVES OF ROMANIAN DISSENT Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2017 N 4 Abstract: This article

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Antonio D’Alessandri

Antonio D’Alessandri The outcomes of the economic planning in Bulgaria and the commercial relations with Italy Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2016 N 4 Abstract: The author

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Francesco Guida

Francesco Guida Bulgaria at the end of the second world conflict and the dawns of the communist regime. Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2016 N 4 Abstract: Between

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Alberto Basciani

Alberto Basciani Italian Diplomacy and the Iron Courtain in South-estern Europe. Comments and reactions on a unknown situation between sovietization and Tito-Stalin Split (1944-1948) Etudes

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