Month: March 2023


Economic Aspects of the Fight Against the Biggest “Social” Disease: Financing Measures Against Tuberculosis in Interwar Bulgaria Études Balkaniques (Sofia), 2023, N 1 Ivaylo NACHEV

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Idamaria FUSCO

A Society of Social Differences: Isolating the Rich and the Poor in the 17th-Century Kingdom of Naples During a Plague Epidemic Études Balkaniques (Sofia), 2023,

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Set a Slave Free. Ransom as a Social Connection in the Naples of the Modern Age Études Balkaniques (Sofia), 2023, N 1 Giovanni LOMBARDI CNR-ISMed

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The Early Quarantine in the Western Balkans Études Balkaniques (Sofia), 2023, N 1 Samuil KAMBUROV Institute of Balkan Studies & Center of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy

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Issue: 2023 N 1

Published online: 17.03.2023 Sommaire Health and Social Care Challenges and Practices in Southern and Southeastern Europe in a Long Historical Perspective: Introduction by Alexandre KOSTOV

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