Issue: 2016 N 1

Issue: 2016 N 1


Vanya LOZANOVA, Mirabilia: Miracles and Monsters. Several Preliminary Words

Vanya LOZANOVA, Mirabilia еt Monstra

Valeria FOL, The Great Goddess-Mother and the Monster Kenchrines

Joanna SPASSOVA-DIKOVA, Fantastic Creatures in Performative Arts

Ruja POPOVA, The Heraclean Tradition and Thrake Tempted into Poisons and Miracles

Vyara KALFINA, Hecuba’s Metamorphosis into a Dog: Toponymic and Literary Dimensions

Nevena PANOVA, Monstrosity vs. Hospitality. Two Meetings between Odysseus and Polyphemus

Penka DANOVA, On the Miracles of Bulgaria in 13th–14th Century Western European Treatises and Encyclopaediae: Unicornia, Tigrides and Castoria

Albena GEORGIEVA, The Miracle Working Healing Spring

Vihra BAEVA, Loved by a Dragon: Topoi and Idiosyncrasies in Oral Narratives from Bulgaria

Iliyana GARAVALOVA, Erketch Tale about Dragons and Wild People

Ivona KARACHOROVA, Prayers and Spells against Unholy and Evil Spirits in a Nineteenth-Century Prayer Canon

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