Issue: 2018 N 4

Issue: 2018 N 4


The Contemporary Balkans

Aneta MIHAYLOVA, Educational and Cultural Policies in Post-Communist Romania and the Minorities

Mariyana STAMOVA, The Albanians in the Independent Republic of Macedonia (1991–2001)

Irina OGNYANOVA-KRIVOSHIEVA, Tudjman and Croatia’s Distancing from Europe

Crisis and Protest

Dimitar ZLATINOV, Which Are the Winners and Losers at Corporate Level in the Recent Economic Crisis in Bulgaria?

Mike HAJIMICHAEL, Resistance Through Souvla and Kremala – Performative Acts and Actions in a Protest in Cyprus 2013

Tao PAPAIOANNOU, Articulating Protest Legitimacy: A Case Study of Collective Action Framing in an Environmental Campaign


Maria-Alina ASAVEI, Beyond Blood and Honey: Re-Imagining the Balkans through Travelling Exhibitions

Maria LITINA, Greek-Bulgarian Commercial Activities and National Identities in 19th-Century Balkans: the Case of the Rombi/Робеви Family

Simona NICOLAE, Ὁ καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθὸς ἄνθρωπος. L’honnête homme dans les miroirs des princes byzantins

In Memoriam

Vassilka Tăpkova – Zaïmova (1924–2018)
Yannis Karas (1934-2018)

Comptes rendus

Nadia DANOVA, Entangled histories (Надежда Александрова, Еничарите. Преплетени истории в османския контекст на XIX век. София, Изток-Запад, 2018. 314 с. ISBN 978-619-01-0209-0) [Nadezhda Alexandrova, The Janissairies. Entangled histories in the Ottoman context of the 19th century. Sofia, Iztok-Zapad publishing house, 2018, 314 p.]

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