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Issue: 2018 N 1

Sommaire Ethem ÇEKU, History Textbooks as a Source of Serbo-Albanian Conflict. Albanian Point of View Kalina PEEVA, Old Foes New Friends: Bulgarians and Turks at

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Issue: 2017 N 4

Alexandre KOSTOV, Editor’s Notes Cristina DIAC, An Obvious Nonstarter: the Popular Front in Eastern Europe Blagovest NJAGULOV, Loyalties under Strain: The Dobrudja “Mahzar” of 1940 

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Issue: 2017 N 3

Raïa ZAÏMOVA, Violeta BARBU, Les Balkans ottomans: conquêtes et identités nationales Violeta BARBU, « Il est plus difficile de préserver que de bâtir »: le

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Issue: 2017 N 2

Andreas LYBERATOS, Constructing Temporal Otherness: Western Travelersand Timekeeping in the Balkans (16th-19th c.) Salim AYDÜZ, Ottoman Time Keeping Houses: Muwaqqitkhānas Marinos SARIYANNIS, “Temporal modernization” in

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Issue: 2017 N 1

Sommaire Veton LATIFI, Theorizing Nationalism: The National Identity as a Particular Form of Collective Identity and Its Political Relevance in the Balkans Spaska SHUMANOVA, Bulgarian-Romanian

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Issue: 2016 N 4

Sommaire Alexandre KOSTOV, Premessa Vincenzo MANNINO (Pro-Rettore per le Relazioni internazionali dell’Università Roma Tre), Discorso inaugurale Alberto BASCIANI, La diplomazia italiana e la cortina di

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Issue: 2016 N 3

This issue is dedicated to the 11th Congress of South-East European Studies of AIESEE “South-East Europe and European Integration: Political, Socioeconomic and Social Aspects”, hold

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Issue: 2016 N 2

Articles Simeon MITROPOLITSKI, Types of euroscepticism: the case of Bulgaria Blagovest NJAGULOV, Entre le paradis et l’enfer : l’histoire, Baltchik et la Dobroudja mises au

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Issue: 2016 N 1

Articles Vanya LOZANOVA, Mirabilia: Miracles and Monsters. Several Preliminary Words Vanya LOZANOVA, Mirabilia еt Monstra Valeria FOL, The Great Goddess-Mother and the Monster Kenchrines Joanna

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