Konstantinos Gogos

Konstantinos Gogos

Konstantinos GOGOS, Aspects of European integration: Recent developments in public policies towards Muslims in Greece, and the European context

Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2016 N 3

Abstract: In the past few years there have been considerable and positive developments in important issues for the Muslim communities in Greece. The paper focuses on a number of initiatives and policies that have been taken by the Greek state in the last years, aiming at the improvement of Muslim education structures and the strengthening of the religious identity of the Muslim minority of Thrace; it also focuses on recent decisions and initiatives aiming at the improvement of the religious structures of Muslim immigrants in the metropolitan area of Athens. The paper shows the reasons behind these developments, namely the role of the European Union financial and symbolic resources, the changes in the priorities and the mentality of Greek governments since 1990 and especially in the very recent years.

Keywords: Greece, Muslim Minority, Islam, State Policies, Integration Policies

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