Rachele Bezzini

Rachele Bezzini

Rachele BEZZINI, Researching Albanian-Italian/ Romanian mixed marriages

Etudes balkaniques (Sofia) 2016 N 3

Abstract: Albanians and Romanians represent the second and first immigrant group in Italy. Both groups have been subjected to phenomena of xenophobia during the 1990s and 2000s, respectively. The research project, to which this paper refers, explores the social relationships between Albanians, Italians and Romanians, focusing on mixed partnerships/marriages within a context of integration, which is interpreted as a way of boundary-making and through the perspective of mixedness.
In particular, this paper tries to organize quantitative data retrieved from official sources and qualitative inputs drawn from the reference literature, through the framework proposed by Kalmijn (1998), who has specifically approached intermarriage as a combination of structural constraints, personal preferences and third party interference. In this way data on the Albanian and Romanian immigrant groups are thus framed in order to prepare the groundwork for a qualitative study specifically on Albanian-Italian/Romanian mixed marriages in Italy.

Keywords: Italy, Albanian and Romanian Migration, Integration, Ethnic Boundaries, Mixed Marriages

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